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  • Top Toys For 1-Year-Olds

    Top Toys For 1-Year-Olds

    It’s always exciting when a child turns one! To watch a kid explore the world and be curious is something special. We’ve compiled a list of toys that are certain to make your 1 year old happy as as happy can be!  Bashful Fudge Puppy Small (Jellycat) First on the list is this friendly puppy! Did you know that stuffed animals can help kids cope with...
  • Baby Registry Favorites

    Baby Registry Favorites

    Whether you’re an experienced or new expecting mother, you can never prepare enough! Having babies take a lot of work, but it’s so worth it! We compiled a list of favorite items on any baby registry to help ensure successful mothering. From swaddles and washcloths to bath soaps and teething toys, these gentle, eco-friendly, and sustainable items are essentials needed by every mom!  Günamüna Swaddles Every parent knows that swaddling...
  • The Bowfish Compost Club Membership

    The Bowfish Compost Club Membership

    Here at Bowfish, sustainability is our top priority, so we do everything we can to promote living a sustainable lifestyle, and that includes getting the community involved. We strongly believe that educating people about sustainability helps ensure a healthier and cleaner future for generations to come.  With Earth Day here at last, we’d like to invite you and your family to apply for our...
  • A Letter From Our Owner - 4/3/22

    A Letter From Our Owner - 4/3/22

    Well, these last couple years have been...interesting. In August of 2019, we kicked off our 5-point sustainability initiative. Little did we know the challenges that we as a little business—and we as a global community—would have to face beginning in 2020. I’ll be the first to admit that it was difficult to think about anything but just surviving in those first months of the...
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