The Bowfish Compost Club Membership

The Bowfish Compost Club Membership


Here at Bowfish, sustainability is our top priority, so we do everything we can to promote living a sustainable lifestyle, and that includes getting the community involved. We strongly believe that educating people about sustainability helps ensure a healthier and cleaner future for generations to come. 

With Earth Day here at last, we’d like to invite you and your family to apply for our Bowfish Compost Club Membership, a perfect way for people who are curious and want to learn about composting without stress.


What Is Included 

We realize that the idea of composting can be daunting for some, however, with a one-time $25 sign-up fee, you will get everything you need for a successful composting experience in this one-year membership.

The annual membership includes:

  • A 1.8 Gallon Compost Bin in the color of your choosing
  • A Training Video to teach you all about composting
  • A Bowfish Compost Certificate once the test is passed⁠
  • 10% off discount to Bowfish Kids for the entirety of the membership
  • 10% off coupon to purchase your own Subpod compost once the year is up

compost bin

When signing up, you will fill out a survey that includes: 

  • Name, phone, email
  • # of people in household
  • Preferred compost bin color
  • Day of the week to come to Bowfish to take test and pick-up compost bin

Once you’re all signed up, the training video will be sent to you. The video must be completed before the week of May 15th to take the simple test and pick up your bin. After passing the test and getting your Compost Certificate, the one-time $25 must be paid, and you will get your assigned bi-weekly compost day! 

one time fee

We want to educate our community on how easy composting can be and to learn its many benefits. However, since we can only accommodate up to 6 families at one time in our system, our goal is to encourage families to open new spots for others, and to continue to compost in their own homes.

Why Composting?

We believe that composting is crucial for living a sustainable life as contributes to the following:

  • Enriches Soil & Combats Climate Change:

    Compost helps improve soil quality by adding valuable nutrients. By breaking down waste, it introduces diverse microorganisms that help support healthy soil for new vegetation to grow. 

  • Storm Management & Water Management:

    Composting helps increase water retention that allows for reduced runoff that contributes to landslides and extreme flooding. Because the soil holds more moisture, there is better propagation as well as infiltration that helps feed fresh water bodies as well as the earth’s underground water supply.

  • Reduces landfill

    By putting waste in a compost, it avoids filling up trash bags that end up in landfill. Because vegetations aren’t able to properly decompose and biodegrade in landfills, methane emissions are emitted into the environment contributing to the global warming crisis. 

  • Reduces Water Consumption:

    Because compost traps more moisture, the need for watering plants will decrease. This will not only be financially beneficial, but will lessen water consumption and will help the water scarcity crisis.

  • Reduces Plant Pests & Disease: 

    Due to balanced pH levels and nutritional benefits that compost provides soil, it allows plants to grow stronger and healthier. This helps plants to be stronger against pests and diseases.

  • Creates a Symbiotic Relationship Between You and The Earth: 

    A symbiotic relationship is when two dissimilar living beings form an interdependent relationship with each other that is beneficial to all. In the instance with composting, by properly taking care of the earth by way of returning nutritional waste back to the ground, the earth will produce healthier vegetation.

Get Involved! 

Whether or not you choose to be part of our Bowfish Compost Club Membership, we want to continue to encourage you to live sustainability! We encourage you to follow us on social media for sustainability tips and eco-friendly products. And while Earth Day is indeed an annual celebration, it’s also a reminder that we must do everything in our power to ensure a better, cleaner, and sustainable future.