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November Mommy of the Month

Meet Jasmine Snow! Creator of one of our favorite products and momma of two!

Jasmine's decision to produce her product locally:

This is my first time every producing any kind of product so I felt really strongly about keeping everything right in my back yard. I wanted to be able to look at samples right away, or walk over to the factory to check something out if there was a problem. It gave me a bigger sense of control over the entire process and made me feel like I was in the loop the entire time. I also love the factory that I produce out of. Every time I walk in they know me, give me a hug, ask about the kids, and that gave me such comfort as well. This was my baby and I wanted to make sure I could coddle it every step of the way!

Jasmine on being a Mom & a women in business:

There’s a lot of ups and downs to being a working mom but also a mom in business. I work for myself and I’m just at the very beginning of what I feel is my big career, so hustling and leaving the kids for that is tough with a lot of guilt. But it’s so rewarding to be able to tell Isla that I love what I do, and even better to show both of my kids how to be independent and make their own money and stand on their own two feet. Independence is so important to me. 

Jasmine on coming back to OC:

I love coming back down to Ocean City because as an adult and as a New Yorker I can appreciate it for all the things that I took for granted growing up. The quiet streets (in the winter!), Driving a car, and the fact that it really is a place where everyone knows your name. It’s home!

Jasmine's favorite part about raising her kids in New York City:

Everything! I love the idea of raising my kids in New York and giving them so much access to culture, opportunity and all different walks of life. I came here a girl from a small town who mostly only ate chicken fingers (lol!), and I love that my kids have the chance to absorb so much more simply by living in this city. I feel so lucky that I get to raise them here but have the best of both worlds and can bring them home with me to the shore in the summers. 
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October Mommy of the Month

October Mommy of the Month

Meet this OC momma of three, Ashley Juelg!

Ashley's Favorite Fall Activity:

Beach Plum Farm in Cape May is so much fun in the fall. Lots of places for the kids to explore, good food, and I love the sustainable/farm to table feel of the whole place. Visiting the baby pigs, seeing what seasonal veggies they’re growing, and the giant swing in the back let everyone have a relaxing day and the kids get all their energy out.

Baby Product Ashley Swears By:

I love my Solly baby wrap. It definitely took some practice to wrap it, but the lightweight baby carrier is buttery soft and keeps Lincoln so content regardless if we're traveling or I’m working at my desk.

Ashley's Fall 'Happy Place' :

On the beach! Fall beach days are our favorite, even if we're in hoodies and sweats, the air is just different this time of year and we try to soak up as much as we can before the winter months. 

Ashley on Traveling with Kids:

Plan ahead, but be ready for those plans to change. I’m a heavy planner because I want to have a restaurant or pit stop researched ahead of time while traveling, but I’ve also learned to let those plans fade if something else presents itself. Some of our favorite meals and experiences have been random stops or recommendations from locals we met along the way. But having a backup plan just in case, keeps me sane.

I read a lot of family travel blogs about where we’re going, and look for areas that allow the kids to roam freely, and learn about where we are. We try to find unique experiences and hole in the wall places to get a feel of the area were visiting. Our kids have jumped off waterfalls, eaten road side ceviche, and swam in natural hot springs all due to random suggestions we’ve gotten from locals. We bring home sand, rocks, and shells from each place we go and save them as keepsakes in different jars around the house.

Each kid gets to pack their own travel bag including healthy snacks, something to draw with, a game (we love Uno and War), and their iPad (which only gets charged once during trips so they learn to use their battery wisely).

Overall, we try to keep things interesting for everyone, while realizing not every minute of every trip is going to be perfect. Realistic expectations has been a journey I’m learning to navigate with three kids in tow. 

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September Mommy of the Month

September Mommy of the Month

This month is we are adding a little twist to our Mommy of the Month by focusing not only on Sue, but also our sustainability efforts for this month.
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