MARCH 2021 Mommy of the Month

MARCH 2021 Mommy of the Month

Meet Christine - Our March Mommy of the Month !

Christine just moved to our lovely little island with her husband and son Luca from NYC. Not only is Christine an amazing mother but she is also the proud founder and creative director of her own company, Studio Diaz.

Christine on moving to Ocean City...

I grew up spending my summers in Ocean City, so I knew what a special place it was. My husband, son, and I were living in NYC and had always planned to move out of the city by the time our son reached school age. However, when COVID hit, we decided to accelerate our timeline and start looking. It's hard to say why exactly, but we both just had a gut feeling that Ocean City was the right spot. Between the proximity to the ocean, the abundance of outdoor activities available to our son, the supportive community, the safety, the downtown walkability, the memories we shared here, and the renowned school district, everything was in alignment with our values. It seemed like the perfect choice for raising our family.


Christine's favorite part about raising Luca at the beach...

Definitely being able to sink my toes in the sand and look at the ocean! Now that we're starting to get settled in, we're making a walk to the beach part of our daily routine.


Christine's advice to her pre-mom self...

Let go of any preconceived notions of what it means to be a good parent. Sometimes, you gotta feed the kid cake. Or his socks might not match. Or he might roll off the bed. He'll survive. You'll survive. PS, you'll never sleep again, so enjoy it now. It's still worth it.



Christine's take on shopping-small...

I shop small for so many reasons! First, I think it's our responsibility to support our local communities and their businesses. As the daughter of a small business owner, it was literally the community support that put dinner on the table every night and a roof over our heads. If we want to maintain safe, interesting, character-filled communities – shopping small is crucial! 

Second, trustworthiness. I choose to shop at small businesses that share my own values. So when I shop Bowfish, I'm confident they've already put in the time and research to select brands that are responsibly manufactured, consider the environment, use safe materials for my little one, etc.

There was a meme going around recently on Instagram saying that when you shop small, a real person actually does a happy dance every time there's a purchase. And I think that sums it up beautifully. It's about community, relationships, connection, and trust.


What Christine looks for while shopping for Luca ...

I always want to dress my son in fabrics that are safe for him, so I look for natural materials, like Oeko-Tex certified cotton, free from synthetics or harmful chemicals. Same thing when it comes to toys – I prefer he plays with things that are safe for him and the environment, so I try to choose items made from wood or recycled materials that use natural dye. 




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