JULY 2021 Mommy of the Month

JULY 2021 Mommy of the Month

Meet Lauren - Our July Mommy of the Month !

This month we asked Lauren all about preparing for back to school!

Question 1- As a mom with both kids in school, how do you prepare for the beginning of a new school year?

This is actually the first year both of our kids will be in “real” school so I’m making it up as I go along.  Once we receive their supply lists I’ll plan a special day with each of them to chose the items they’d like for the year.


Question 2-As the school year approaches, do you have any tips to get your kids ready for the change in routine?

We try to keep a set bedtime year round & enroll them in a few programs during the summer so that there aren’t any major changes to their schedules come September.  They also have daily folders with a few worksheets to complete each day before they get any screen time so that they don’t forget everything the learned the year before.


Question 3: What’s one piece of advice you would give to a mom who’s kid is just entering elementary school for the first time?

My best advice is to over prepare, talk about everything that’s going to happen regularly.  My kids get anxious about new situations and talking through what’s going to happen, watching videos and answering the millions of questions they have will make the transition smoother for everyone.



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