May Mommy of the Month

May Mommy of the Month

Meet Allie - Our May Mommy of the Month !

Erica manages her daughters popular instagram fashion page where she promotes adorable brands and all of the latest fashions!


Erica on Eloise's style...

I love editorial looks and dressing Eloise in bold pieces. Most of the outfits aren't for everyday wear, but we get stopped on the streets almost every time we shoot because the pieces are so unique. We live in the west village so I like to incorporate the vibe of our neighborhood into the looks we shoot. Whether it's a photo taken on the hood of a cab, or in front of a graffitied wall, the city is a big part of what we capture on our page! 


Shopping for Eloise...

We look for pieces so bold, you wouldn't find anyone else wearing them on the playgrounds! Eloise loves when I dress her in puff sleeves, caps with oversized bows, full skirts and dresses. We pair a lot of these bold looks with a sneaker or a cowgirl boot! We also love playing around with suspenders and vintage reworked Levis.

Raising a City-Girl...

We will never leave this city! We survived the pandemic in this city and still going strong! Eloise loves learning the names of the different streets and avenues, and knows them well!! I love the culture and energy that surrounds Eloise daily.  We walk through Washington square park often, and she loves finding all the musicians and artists, and stops to admire them. I love that these moments surround her constantly. I love that she's growing up to be a true city girl!! 

Erica's inspiration for her daughters looks...

We find a lot of cool inspiration when we stroll through our neighborhood, especially in Washington square park. I love all the street style you find in the west village, and then the super feminine looks you can find on the streets of soho! So much style and inspiration as soon as we walk out our front door. 

Erica's advice to moms looking to dress their kids with more style...

Make it an activity you do together. Show him / her different styles online and let them decide. It then gets more exciting when the package arrives. It's turned into an activity that pulls us away from TVs and screens, so that's always a plus! 

Check out Eloise's Instagram Fashion Page: HERE


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