AUGUST 2021 Mommy of the Month

AUGUST 2021 Mommy of the Month

Meet Briana - Our August Mommy of the Month !

This month we asked Briana a few new-momma questions about her newest little addition, baby Bruce.

Question 1- What's your favorite part of the day with baby Bruce?

My favorite part of the day with Bruce is first thing in the morning. He starts smiling the second he hears “good morning, wubba!”—before he even opens his eyes. I’ve never been a morning person but I am now because of him. 

Question 2- If you had to choose one adjective you hope Bruce to emulate when he gets older, what would it be and why?

I hope Bruce is kind to all things, including himself. I want him to feel empathy for someone else’s struggles, and not be so hard on himself during his own. I hope he lives his happiest life, and I think that starts with just being nice!

Question 3- What's your favorite thing to dress Bruce in during these hot summer months?

Bruce looks and feels his best in nothin but his Bowfish bucket hat and a swim diaper.

Question 4- What's your number one piece of advice to first time moms?

Buy more nursing pads. If you think you have enough—you don’t!

Question 5- How would you describe your parenting style so far?

Right now my parenting style is to just roll with it. I don’t see it changing much. There are more things I can’t control than things I can. So I’m just trying my best and giving all my love.



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