OCTOBER 2020 Mommy of the Month

OCTOBER 2020 Mommy of the Month

October Mommy of the Month

Meet Zehra! This hardworking momma of two beautiful girls shared with us some of her day-to-day tips on raising daughters along with how she keeps a relaxing home environment.

Zehra's tips for keeping her space, home, and kids in a tranquil mood:

Whatever and however I feel translates into the mood of my kids and my home. If I’m losing my mind, my house is a mess and my kids will be throwing a fit. In order for everything to remain tranquil, I do practice yoga. That does not mean I’m doing downward dog or lotus pose all the time! I practice yoga by working on my breathing (long inhales and exhales), doing a guided meditation once in a while, trying to find happiness in the smaller things in life. 

Zehra's tips for new moms:

Only you know your child best. In this day and age, we have access to so much information - which often leads to us comparing our children to one another. Every child is different, every growth curve is different - so don’t ever stress about them not being like others. 

Zehra's favorite products from one child to the next:

Even though there’s only a 2 year age gap between my girls, I’m constantly learning new things! With Anya, we bought a lot of bamboo clothing items, I’m loving how long one size can last us! We also introduced a lovey (Slumberkins) early on, got a Snuggle Me and a Kyte Baby sleep bag which has helped her go to sleep independently.

Zehra on raising daughters:

I love seeing the bond between them. I don’t have a sister, neither does my husband - so this is all so new and exciting for us to watch unfold! Also - the matching outfits and bows are just too cute!

Zehra on shopping for her girls:

Quality is so important- even if the outfit is cute, I mostly care about the quality. I like dressing my girls in outfits that are unique (#shopsmall), and more importantly, outfits they can comfortably play in. 

We thank you Zehra, and all of our Mommies & Aunties out there who continue to support our small business!


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