NOVEMBER 2020 Mommy of the Month

NOVEMBER 2020 Mommy of the Month

Meet Stephanie - Our November Mommy of the Month !

Stephanie is a hardworking momma and real estate agent at Berkshire Hathaway who takes full advantage of living at the beach! Read on for more about her and her adorable little girl, Savanna!


Stephanie's take on raising her daughter in Ocean City...

I love raising Savanna in Ocean City because there is a great community and it has a small town feel. Riding our bikes on the boardwalk we’re bound to see at least one or two people we know. It’s easy to connect with your neighbors and to meet other children, especially because everyone spends so much time outdoors here. We’re always outside and make it a point to visit the ocean daily. We’re able to watch the sunrises over the ocean and sunsets by the bay. Being by the water is so calming. It allows us to disconnect from technology, pause, reflect, and enjoy the moment as a family. 


I hope Savanna never takes it for granted that she lives so close to the beach. I hope she takes advantage of everything Ocean City has to offer, from surfing to simple activities like collecting seashells on the beach. 


Stephanie's tip for expecting mothers...

The number one tip I would tell expecting mothers would be to take time for self care. It’s really easy to forget about taking care of yourself while you’re taking care of your baby. Schedule time to go to a yoga class on the bay, take a nap, go for a walk alone on the beach, or get a pedicure. I’m still working on taking this advice, but I think it’s SO important to do. I know when I take time for myself I feel refreshed and I’m able to be a better mom to Savanna. 


Stephanie on watching her little one grow...

Watching the joy and excitement on Savanna’s face whenever we do something new is the best part of watching her grow up. We recently took Savanna on the Ferris wheel for the first time which is something I haven’t done in about 10 years. Watching this through her eyes and the joy on her face was like experiencing it for the first time all over again. 


Stephanie's #1 trait she hopes to instill in her daughter the most...

One trait I hope to instill in my daughter is confidence. I hope she never doubts how beautiful, strong, kind, and intelligent she is. I want her to know she can do and be anything she wants in her life. I hope she dreams BIG. 


Stephanie's take on her delivery day...

I tell everyone that the day I delivered my daughter was the BEST day of my life. You finally get to meet this little miracle that you grew inside of you for 9 months.

I wanted to make sure Savanna came into this world in a peaceful environment. We listened to “Acoustic Covers” on Spotify, dimmed the lights, and made it as cozy as could be in the delivery room. I’m so thankful that I had an amazing set of nurses, doctors, and an extremely supportive husband by my side.

It’s the most amazing feeling holding your baby for the first time. And now I have a little best friend that I get to hang out with and dress up in cute clothes everyday!


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    What a beautiful mommy and daughter!!!

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