SEPTEMBER 2020 Mommy of the Month

SEPTEMBER 2020 Mommy of the Month

Meet Jess - Our September Mommy of the Month !

Jess is the proud owner of one of our favorite coffee and ice cream shops (Jessie's of Linwood) and momma to this adorable little gal Madeline.

Jess on how motherhood changes the way you see the world...

Everyone tells you that your whole world changes once you have kids.  While that is completely true I think we often hesitate to talk about the hard things that come along with trying to bring children into the world that shake us to our core but ultimately make us better humans.

I found out at 12 weeks pregnant, a time prior to my pregnancy I had no fear over, that there was "something wrong" with my baby.  After days that seemed like months, my husband and I were given a diagnosis.  Madeline has Turner Syndrome - a non-hereditary genetic condition occurring by chance that affects one of a females two X chromosomes and leaves a baby with a 1% chance of survival.  One percent chance.

That daunting statistic stuck with me through every day of my pregnancy and made every small victory in Madelines health and journey here that much sweeter.  Everything that we had imagined being part of a perfect pregnancy experience occurred completely the opposite of what we had pictured.  That all disappeared once our girl was here.

Motherhood is about learning, adapting, being present and coming out of scary or stressful things a better person. There is not a day that will go by that I don't look at Madeline and beam with thanks that she is the strong girl that she is, and that she is here.  Life is fragile, and special. Motherhood is empowering and life changing, and no matter how you get there or if you're struggling to get there, we truly are all in this together.

Jess on being a mother and a small business owner...

Throw a pandemic into this equation and some days I feel like I'm losing my dang mind.  It's been one wild ride this past year and allowing the business to adjust has been a huge learning experience.  I really couldn't do it without the support I have from my husband and the fact Madeline enjoys the sound of the espresso machine.

On days when business is steady, machines aren't breaking down and staff is doing a killer job I feel like I can take on the world as a new mom and business owner. Other days I don't think I would feel it if my hair was on fire.

Everyday is a new day that brings unexpected curveballs as a business owner and as a mother and each has made me better at doing the other.

Jess's advice to new moms...

You are doing your best.  Don't forget to take care of yourself.  You will not look back one day and regret the morning you pushed off paperwork to take your kid on a longer walk because the weather was perfect.  Your baby also won't remember the night you had to work late and missed bath time.  It's all about balance!  


  • Sandy on
    love you and your beautiful family 👪 ❤
  • Mary McCafferty on
    Beautifully said, Jess! Encouraging, inspirational and honest! God has surely blessed you with sweet Madeline and blessed her with amazing parents!
  • Norma Cranston on
    Aww, Jess they found you! Sooo beautiful, agree 100%. Your words are so inspiring, not only for new moms, but for all mothers!

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