Kids Birthday Party Ideas 2022

Kids Birthday Party Ideas 2022

Does your little one have a birthday coming up, but you have no idea what to do to celebrate? We are offering up our favorite kids' birthday celebration ideas for this year! Everything from beach picnics to prehistoric parties, there is a perfect festivity for every kid, and for every time of the year.

 Dad and daughter on beach

Photo courtesy of Emma Bauso, Pexel

First up—as mentioned already—a beach picnic! Upon hearing “beach picnic,” what may come to mind are fringe umbrellas and cream-colored pillows perfectly prepped along the sand. However, beach picnic parties are not just for adults. Load your child and their friends into the car for a day of snacks, cake, sea breeze, and sand. If your little one has a birthday from May through September, this is a great celebration option for them!

Be sure to pack a large beach blanket for everyone to sit on, as well as a cooler that can be used to hold juice, tea, and water.  A tote bag filled with a variety of snacks is sure to hold everyone over until it is time to sing “Happy Birthday” and blow out the candles!

As for entertainment, bring a few different games for the kiddos to partake in. Depending on their age, classic outdoor activities like frisbee, tug of war, and a treasure hunt are all fun options. For younger children, simpler beach activities like building sandcastles and making sand angels works perfectly.

 Bowfish Studios

Next up—a trip to Bowfish Studios! Our in-studio birthday parties are truly one-of-a-kind experiences. The best part? We do the planning! Parties are based on age brackets and themes. For the younger kiddos, ages three to seven, we offer the Mini Mermaid theme, Little Unicorn theme, and Under the Sea theme. For children aged seven and up, we have Mermaid Salon, Pajama Spa, and Tie Dye Glow parties. Kids receive makeovers and partake in games during this hour-and-a-half experience. Click here to learn more about each experience at the studio and what they individually offer.

Our parties are great for more intimate group sizes, with most of the themes accommodating only up to 12 attendees at a time. Another great perk to booking a birthday party at Bowfish Studios is that we are open year-round. Winter babies, we have your back! The sea-themed parties are especially fun when the kids are missing summertime and the beach during those colder months.

If none of the aforementioned themes are appealing, we are also open to custom parties. Visit our studios page for more information on how to plan a custom celebration with us.


 Girl in a green dress holding a stuffed green dinosaur

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Anyone up for a prehistoric party? A dinosaur-themed celebration is always a good idea, for both a boy and a girl! This party can take place indoors or in your backyard, depending on the time of year, making it a great theme option year-round.

First, outfit your place with exotic fronds and dinosaur cutouts, making it the ultimate Jurassic escape (and a great excuse to buy more plants). After planning the décor, decide on what the kids will eat based on your dinosaur theme. Think dinosaur chicken nuggets, fossil cookies, and of course… a dino cake!

Keep the children entertained by putting a spin on classic birthday party games. Consider Pin the Tail on the T-rex, a dinosaur egg race, and a fossil hunt throughout the house. Additionally, we offer dinosaur-themed games on our Toys’ page for more inspiration.


 Two children in ghost costumes during Autumn

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Any October babies out there? We have the perfect spin on a costume theme for you! It is no secret that we are big fans of recycling, and while we love to dress up, we are also aware of how wasteful it can be to purchase a new Halloween costume every year… especially costumes that are typically made from plastic-based fabrics. Invite guests to a Halloween-themed birthday celebration and extend the offer of wearing eco-friendly attire. These costumes can be planet-themed, like mother nature or a jellyfish, as well as a more traditional style, like a ninja or skeleton—allow them to choose!

No time to put together an eco-friendly costume from scratch? Gather the parents of your friends’ children and have a costume swap with your little ones! Children are sure to love receiving a “new” costume and parents will appreciate saving the money that would have gone towards a store-bought costume. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Now that the costumes have been taken care of, focus on the spooky birthday décor. How can you find eco-friendly alternatives?  Shopping your local thrifts stores in early Autumn is the perfect place to start. Even if you do not purchase any second-hand decorations, you will find inspiration for DIY projects.

How about an eco-friendly menu for the night? Halloween and birthdays are all about the sweets—candy, ice cream, cake… they have it all! While we do not want to ditch them altogether, we do believe there is a more sustainable way of enjoying them. In terms of candy and snacks, look for options that include less packaging. That may mean a jar of unwrapped candies, a bowl of pudding, etc. Do some research on fun, vegan recipes that can be incorporated into your little one’s Halloween birthday bash. Costumes? Check! Décor? Check! Food? Check! You are all set for an eco-friendly, Halloween-themed birthday party.

 Two girls watching a movie

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Last but certainly not least, plan a low-key movie night with your little one and their closest friends. Yet again, this is another great option for kids who have birthdays in the colder months and are more likely to want to do something indoors. Allow them to pick their favorite movie or two and set up a cozy space in your living room. Bring extra pillows and blankets into the room, allowing attendees to get comfortable!

Make this into a pajama party and invite everyone to wear their favorite sleepwear. Be sure to have pizza, popcorn, and cake on hand for the hungry kiddos. Also, consider having a few board games prepped for after the movie, providing the space for your little one to have fun night in with his or her besties.

So, what will it be—a movie night in, or makeovers at Bowfish Studios? Whatever you choose, wish your little one the happiest of birthdays from Bowfish Kids! Tell us your favorite birthday party ideas in the comments.