Are You Surprised by These Baby Name Trends?

Are You Surprised by These Baby Name Trends?

Expecting a baby and in search of some name inspiration? You have come to the right place! Naming a child is a huge decision… something that will affect your little one for their entire life! Read on for names inspired by travel, popular names, and vintage names.

Baby names inspired by travel

Father and baby on a river

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Baby names inspired by travel and adventure are now on the up-and-up! This is likely due to the lack of travel that happened during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now that traveling is starting to make a comeback, we are also seeing that influence in baby names. The following list features trending baby names that all work as unisex names and that were inspired by adventure.

  1. Atlas- Your little one is worldly from the start! Atlas is a mighty name that translates to, “to carry.” It is Greek in origin and stems from a titan in mythology who carried the weight of the Earth on his shoulders. This one is a strong name, indeed!
  2. Dakota- At first, we jump to North and South Dakota when hearing this beautiful baby However, we owe it to the Native American Sioux tribe for coming up with this one. It translates to “friend” or “ally.” Your baby is a friend from the start!
  3. Journey- This unique name is hard to come by presently, but you may see little Journeys pop up here and there soon! It has a British roots.
  4. London- Inspired by the famous English city, London is a put-together name for a little boy or girl.
  5. Everest- Any climbers out there? This one is for you! Inspired by the beautiful Mount Everest, this epic name is sure to set your little one
  6. Phoenix- More common for baby boys, this name stems from the city in Arizona. A fun fact about the baby name Phoenix? It is popular for girls in the UK!
  7. River- This flowy, nature-inspired name is a gorgeous option for your little one. This is another name that we can thank the Brits for!
  8. Prairie- Expect to see this baby name popping up here and there in the coming years! Prairie is a gentle, nature-packed baby name that is inspired by lush, open fields.
  9. Ocean- This beautiful, nature-inspired name is great for a baby boy or girl. It is Greek in origin.
  10. Salem- Have an affinity for October and all things spooky? Salem is an easy-to-pronounce, roll-off-the-tongue, unisex name that stems from the historic city in Massachusetts.

Baby names that continue to be popular

Baby boy

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The following popular baby names have been on the naming lists for the past few years and continue to be favorites amongst new parents. The great thing about the following lists? While there may be more than one Olivia or Liam in your child’s kindergarten class, their name will surely always be pronounced correctly.


  1. Olivia- This name has Latin roots and means, “olive tree.” It was popularized by William Shakespeare in the 17th-century!
  2. Mia- Mia has many different ties to cultures and languages. In Italian, it translates to “mine.” That is a sweet meaning if you ask us! It has derived from names like Michal and Maria.
  3. Emma- Emma has been a popular baby name for many years now. It means, “whole.” It has Latin and German roots.
  4. Ava- This short-and-sweet name is easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and has quite a few different origins, including English and Latin. It means, “lively” or “bird.”
  5. Sophia- Sophia has a Greek origin and translates to, “wisdom.” Give your little girl wisdom from the beginning!


  1. Liam- Liam derives from the English name William and means “protector.” Give your baby boy a strong-willed name!
  2. Oliver- Oliver is the male version of Olivia and thus has the same meaning: olive tree. It has Latin and French roots.
  3. Benjamin- In Hebrew, this classical baby name translates to, “son of the right hand.” It derives from the Old Testament, having religious roots. A slew of shortened nicknames comes with this one, including Ben, Benny, and Benji.
  4. Lucas- Lucas has Greek and Latin origins. It means, “bringer of light.” Fitting for a baby boy, indeed!
  5. Levi- Levi means “joined” and like Benjamin, is unsurprisingly a name that is derived from the Old Testament as well.

Vintage Baby Names

Baby girl

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These lovely baby names are making a comeback! Once popular and then fallen to the wayside, the below two lists feature timeless names that you are likely to be hearing everywhere again quite soon.


  1. Maeve- This mythical name is originally Irish and means, “she who rules.” It is a bold name for a bold baby girl!
  2. Alice- Alice has a German origin and means, “noble.” It became popular through Lewis Carroll’s book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which was published in 1865.
  3. Eleanor- This distinguished name ages perfectly! It has Hebrew, Greek, and French roots. Eleanor means “shining light” … a bit fitting for a new baby girl, don’t you think?
  4. Aurelia- Aurelia is a beautiful name with Latin roots and means, “the golden one.”
  5. Freya- Freya is another gorgeous name that is coming back into popularity, but this one has Scandinavian roots. In Old Norse it means, “noble lady.”


  1. Gus- Gus is making a big comeback! Variations include August, Angus, Gustav, Augustus, and Magnus. Having trouble choosing? Just keep it simple and stick with the three-letter name, Gus! It comes from an Irish origin.
  2. Silas- This baby name has Greek and Latin roots. It can mean “woods” or “of the forest.”
  3. Theodore- Theodore is a sweet baby name that means “gift of God.” It has Greek roots and comes with many adorable nicknames, including Theo, Teddy, and Ted.
  4. Jameson- Remove all thoughts of alcohol from your mind, because this adorable baby name is coming back into popularity! Jameson has Hebrew and English origins, with the meaning, “son of James.”
  5. Beau- This baby name is—unsurprisingly—French in origin and means, “beautiful” or “handsome.” Perfect for a baby boy!

Mom, dad, and baby

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There you have it! What is the verdict? Are you more of a modern baby name fan, or do you have an affinity for the vintage names? Do names inspired by adventure entice you? Let us know which ones were your favorites in the comments!