Baby Shower Games 2022

Baby Shower Games 2022


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Planning a baby shower? Bowfish is here to help! You get the balloons, and we provide you with the most fun (possibly outrageous) baby shower games out there.

Baby showers bring all types of people together—in fact, many of the guests at a shower may have never met before. Games help to make everyone feel included, as well as help them to meet new people… and it is likely that they will give all the guests a good laugh! Read on for our eight most favorite baby shower game ideas and use the ones that you love.

  1. Guess Who?

First up—Guess Who? You may have heard of this one before, or even played it yourself at a baby shower. It is a popular one because it is just so dang cute! When sending out invitations for the shower, be sure to request from guests that they bring a baby photo of themselves the day-of. From there, number each photo and display all baby photos throughout the room. Then, when it is time to play Guess Who?, distribute numbered lists to all shower attendees. Have them write in the name of each person who they believe corresponds to each baby picture. From there, see who got the most correct and give a prize to the winner!

  1. Name That Baby Song

Next up—an easy baby shower game that calls for little prep! Create a playlist of all popular baby songs before the shower. On the day of, gather all guests around the speaker and hit play! Have them guess the tune as fast as they can. Keep score by tallying who guesses the fastest and most correct each time, and give a baby shower favor to the guest who wins!

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  1. Baby Bingo

A fun, printable baby shower game is next on our list of top activities to do! To start, you can decide if you would like to possibly save some money by creating your own baby shower bingo cards, or simply purchase a pre-made bingo card. If you are buying a pre-made bingo card, look for options on craft websites and baby websites. You may also be able to find a printable baby bingo card for free!

Otherwise, get creative and make your own cards! First, create boxes on the cards by drawing vertical and horizontal lines, leaving a space to write in various, common baby shower gifts. Ensure that each card is different and then distribute the bingo cards just before it is time for the mama-to-be to open gifts. Each guest will cross off a gift on their card when the mom receives it and the first to draw a horizontal or diagonal line wins!

  1. Don’t Say Baby!

Outfit your guests with little baby bottles—these can be attached to a necklace, bracelet, etc. Have them wear their baby  bottle accessories around the shower and advise them not to use the word “baby.” If a guest uses the word, another guest is allowed to steal their baby bottle! The baby shower guest who collects the most bottles wins the game.

  1. The Ribbon

Great at measuring? This fun baby shower game is for you! Allow each guest to cut the length of a ribbon that they believe covers the width of mama’s belly. Whoever’s ribbon is closest to the actual width of her belly, wins the game! That is it—super simple. All you need is a roll of ribbon, scissors… and a belly!

  1. Baby Name Hangman

This game is a fun one! The only important aspect to note is whether you are looking to share the name and possibly the gender of the baby with all guests. If you are looking to keep either of those a secret, skip this baby shower game!

Gather all guests around and have a large poster ready. Draw gallows as well as row of dashes to hold each letter that is guessed correctly by players. For every letter that is incorrectly guessed, a limb of the hangman is drawn. If the guests can correctly guess all letters of the baby’s name before the hangman is fully drawn, they win! Be sure to exclude any close family members who may know the name already. Otherwise, it is a great way to reveal a special baby’s name to friends and family in a collective way.


  1. My Water Broke

The funniest coed baby shower game, My Water Broke requires each participant to have a drink with ice cubes in it. In one of those cubes is a tiny, plastic baby. Throughout the shower as guests mix and mingle, their ice baby will start to melt. When someone’s ice baby fully melts, they must yell “my water broke!”. You can stop there and allow the first person whose “water breaks” to win, or… allow each guest to have a chance to yell the phrase. If someone forgets to yell it, another guest can take their ice baby! The guest with the most ice babies wins.

  1. Pop the Belly

Another great coed game, Pop the Belly requires speed, endurance, and the ability to pop balloons quickly! Split participants into teams of four or five. When the clock starts, each teammate needs to blow up their own balloon and stick it underneath their shirt. One by one, teammates try their best to pop the balloon any way they can! Once one teammate pops theirs, it goes to the next, and so on. The first team to blow up and pop all their balloons wins!

From coed fun to baby bingo and so much more, these shower games are sure to give friends and family a laugh. They help to bring guests together, whether they have known each other for years or are just meeting for the first time! Games are planned—now all you need to do is plan décor, find a location, order a cake… You got this! Bowfish wishes you the best baby shower and a big congratulations to the parents.


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