Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the kiddos are off from school! How will you be spending your time with the family? We have compiled a list of fun activities to keep children occupied, with a special tie-in to Thanksgiving.  From getting some fresh air to settling down on the couch, pre-Thanksgiving dinner activities are endless when it comes to children! Read on for some ideas on how to make the most of the holiday with your kids.

Parents Baking With Child

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Bake Together

Need to be productive and entertain the little ones? Get them involved in the kitchen! Allow them to assist with making some yummy pumpkin pie or easy appetizers. Children love to use their hands and get creative, so giving them simple tasks in the kitchen will keep them occupied. They will also gain a sense of accomplishment from this Thanksgiving activity! Score.

Father With Child on a Bike

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Get Outdoors!

There is nothing more invigorating than getting active on a crisp, autumn day! Take the kiddos outside for some fun before retiring to the couch after your Thanksgiving feast. Some of our favorite outdoor activities include jumping into piles of leaves (because when else during the year are you able to do this?!), going for a refreshing stroll (either through the neighborhood or, if you are a local to OCNJ, down the beach), and taking long, soothing bike rides with the family. An added perk to getting active before your Thanksgiving meal is that the kiddos are sure to be passed out once dinnertime is over!

Thanksgiving Trivia

Looking to add a little history lesson into your Thanksgiving Day? Thanksgiving Trivia is the perfect activity to teach your little one the origin story of the holiday. Check out this list from Parade that offers a whopping 50 questions and answers, all related to Thanksgiving. Make it a little competitive by separating the family into teams and offering a prize to whichever teams answers the most questions correctly. There is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition!

Children Playing in Leaves

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Build a Wreath

There is no need to be a horticulturist in order to build a gorgeous Thanksgiving Day wreath. For a fun and simple craft, all you need are some leaves, paper, and glue. First, cut a circle out of your white or brown construction paper.  Did you happen to collect any cool leaves while you were jumping outside in the piles? Go ahead and stick those onto your paper circle. If you would like some more adornment, you can easily find a bow to glue to the center of the wreath. Decorate your front door or the fridge with your little one’s Thanksgiving Day masterpiece!

Two Girls Painting

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Putty and Paint Turkeys

Put out the putty—it is time to get creative! We carry some eco-friendly dough from the brand Land of Dough that is perfect for having a little turkey-off. Who will make the best turkey from dough? The only thing left to figure out is… primary or secondary colors? Maybe purchase both, for maximum creativity. The Putty Rolling Patterns Kit is especially helpful for shaping your turkeys to perfection!

Alternatively, if you have paint handy, creating some beautiful turkeys using hand and/or footprints is another fun activity for Thanksgiving. This is a common craft in art classes, so this may not be the only paint turkey your little one will make this fall!

Movie Time

No time for arts and crafts while you prep the Thanksgiving feast? No worries! Set the little ones up in front of the TV with some cozy pajamas (Posh Peanut, anyone?), a warm blanket (how about this one?), and a cup of hot cocoa. Find them a holiday movie to help get them into the spirit! Popcorn works as the perfect pre-Thanksgiving snack.

Get Involved

When we plan to spend the holidays with family, we often forget about the people and animals who are not so fortunate during the season. How can we support them? Look up local food and toy drives that the whole family can get involved with. Additionally, animal organizations are always looking for volunteers to assist with feeding and maintaining their animals. Puppies and Thanksgiving? That sounds like a great day to us!

From holiday movies to long, crisp bike rides through the neighborhood, your little one is sure to stay busy during their time off from school. Do you have any activities that your family loves to take part in each year? Tell us all about your fun-filled traditions in the comments!

Lastly, Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful, reflect, and cherish time spent with your loved ones, if you are fortunate enough to be doing so. From all of us at Bowfish Kids, we are wishing you one of the happiest, fun-filled Thanksgivings yet!