The Cutest Christmas Pregnancy Announcements

Expecting Mother with Christmas Tree

Have you just found out you are expecting a little one? The holiday season is a beautiful time to announce a new pregnancy, and we have all the fun ways to do so! With some precise time management and a few props, you can have the Christmas pregnancy announcement of your dreams! Read on for our favorite photoshoot ideas.


Mommy, Daddy, and Baby Ornaments

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This is a sweet and simple one! All you need are two large ornaments, one small ornament, and a marker. Write ‘mom’ on one of the large ornaments, write ‘dad’ on the other, and baby so-and-so on the smallest ornament. Hang the small ornament in between the larger ones on your Christmas tree and snap a good shot. Voile! You have a classic, cute, and simple holiday-themed pregnancy announcement.

Include the Family Christmas Tree

Expecting Mother with Christmas Tree

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Alternatively, placing the ultrasound picture in just the right spot on the tree and taking a zoomed in photo would also make for a beautiful, festive announcement. Have the ultrasound photo in the foreground and Christmas decorations on the tree in the background.

Otherwise, ditch the ultrasound photo and simply have yourself with your baby bump in the shot! This is a good choice for anyone who feels nostalgic about decorating the tree and always looks forward to this holiday tradition each year.

Tree Farm

Who doesn’t love a tree farm moment? We approve of all Christmas tree farm photoshoots, but we especially love ones with special meaning behind them. Coordinate outfits with your significant other and head to your local tree farm. We love the idea of a tree farm photoshoot at sunset (because sunsets are the most beautiful in winter, aren’t they?), but a daytime shoot can also convey the pure magic of Christmastime.

Outfits? Check. Setting? Check. The only other decision you need to make for this fun holiday-themed pregnancy announcement is about the item that will signify you are expecting! An ultrasound photo works, as does a personalized onesie with your family name on it.

All that is left to do is grab a friend with a nice camera and head to your local tree farm!

Christmas Cards

Let everyone on your Christmas card mailing list know—you are expecting! Christmas cards are a great way to get the whole family in on the pregnancy announcement. Outfit everyone in coordinating holiday attire (maybe even some adorable matching PJs?) and take part in a fun, festive, and wintry photoshoot. Have that ultrasound picture somewhere in the shot, or again, that personalized onesie. A chalkboard with your due date works, too!

Send the beautiful cards out to your loved ones—they are in for a big surprise awaiting them inside their mailboxes!

Your Little One’s Wish List

Little Sibling is on the Wishlist This Year!

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If this is your second child, we have a great idea to help shift the focus more towards your first-born and help them to feel included. Outfit your little one in their holiday best (check out our favorite attire here), set them in front of a Christmas tree, and put a chalkboard next to them with their wish list to Santa. At the bottom, include “little sibling” with your due date (and hopefully, a little sibling is on their wish list, because this is the one present that we know for sure they are getting!). Your child is first to know they are getting a little sister or brother, and they get to be the focus in your Christmas-themed pregnancy announcement. It’s a win-win!

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies as a Baby Announcement

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An edible announcement? We are on board! And who does not love cookies? This Christmas-themed pregnancy announcement is for all the foodies out there. Bake a batch of sugar cookies and decorate them as you normally would for Christmas. On one of the cookies, write “baby so-and-so” for your special announcement. Of course, if you are not quite the best cookie decorator, hiring a professional to make the cookies is always an option. Arrange the cookies on a plate or a baking tray and snap a shot. Once finished, save the cookies for Santa or enjoy the holiday snack with your family.

Snow Shoot

Snow Photoshoot for Pregnancy Announcement 

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Snow lovers, unite! For this idea, timing is everything (especially when you are planning a Christmas-themed pregnancy announcement with a photoshoot in the snow). It is tricky to get a solid snow day in before Christmas, so if you really love snow and want to include it in your special announcement, we suggest heading to the mountains. Having a guaranteed snow day is a must, so why not make it easy on yourself by heading to a place that you know will be snow-covered! Armed with that ultrasound photo or personalized onesie, enjoy a photoshoot in the crisp, cold snow with your partner. Bonus points if you manage to get a Christmas tree in the background!

Unwrapping a Present

This is a fun and simple one! All you need is a Christmas-themed gift box and a personalized onesie. Snap a shot of you opening the gift box, or simply zoom in on the gift box and onesie. Let all your loved ones that the ultimate Christmas present is on the way!

From Christmas cookies to tree farms, the possibilities are endless when it comes to holiday-themed pregnancy announcements. There is a perfect shot for everyone expecting!

Have you announced a pregnancy with a Christmas theme? Which ideas from our roundup list did you like best? Let us know in the comments!