September Mommy of the Month

September Mommy of the Month

Meet this gypsy momma of four, Sue McElwee!

OCEAN CITY things to do at the beach

This month is we are adding a little twist to our Mommy of the Month by focusing not only on Sue, but also our sustainability efforts for this month.

Sue & her little's are sporting our Climate Strike t-shirts which are apart of this month's event. Click here to read more about it!

Some background on Sue.. Her & her husband decided this summer to move to OCNJ year round !

So you're moving your family to OCNJ full time. Can you tell us what was the biggest factor for moving?

    It was our kids, our kids made the decision for us. They fell in love with this little beach town and lifestyle along with us. Our family vacations turned into finding a yearly rental and spending our entire summer here and now driving back on weekends during the PA school year every chance we get. This little town allows for them to have so much more freedom then our life back home in the suburbs. We trust that they are safe to come and go to the places they love like the skatepark, boardwalk, local shops, the beach, and parks. Everyone knows everyone, and it’s an amazing feeling to know that everyone looks out for everyone here and the community is full of the nicest people. 

things to do in ocnj

What are some tricks for living a more sustainable lifestyle?

    Living in a smaller beach town like OC turns you into a more sustainable conscious person. We shop local when we can, there's an awesome Farmers Market on Wednesdays during the summer for all the fresh produce and tons of local vendors with booths there too. I don’t use my car that much anymore, I am able to walk or ride my bike everywhere, it’s mindless exercise to me. My kids love having a surfboard rack on their bikes, makes carrying a million things to the beach easier for me when they can help.

 things for kids in ocean city nj

How does the environment affect your life here in OCNJ?

     Everything we do here has an impact on our environment around us including the people and the animals that inhabit it especially our beloved ocean. As a Mother I try to instill in my children the importance of our responsibility to the environment and to respect it always. Because really it's up to them, they are the future and the next generation to make sure we do has much as we can to help protect Mother Earth. My kids are now very conscious to pick litter they find along the way and we leave the beach in better condition than we found it.
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What's one of your favorite environmentally conscious spots in town?

    My favorite food spot in town for a mom pick me up is Heartbeet Kitchen. I usually grab takeout from there on my way back from the beach to enjoy during after beach down time. They are plant based, gluten-free, dairy free, organic, and delicious. They have new daily specials every day to choose from, my go to is the coconut bacon BLT. And if the kiddos are with, I grab them a Cookie Monster smoothie or a little treat.


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