A Letter From Our Owner - 8/30/19

A Letter From Our Owner - 8/30/19
My Dear Bowfish Friends,

I’ve been so fortunate spending these last seven summers growing with you all. Having the opportunity to watch so many of your littles, grand littles and great-grand littles grow up has by far been my favorite part of owning this business, and I cannot thank you enough for always making Bowfish a part of your summer & year-round tradition. I’m so excited to see what all these littles will do in the future.

Working with and getting to know these kids also makes me think a lot about my little shop’s legacy. And for me personally, that means deeply considering the sustainability of the things we provide for you. Recently, I’ve been following #fridaysforfuture, a youth-led initiative to raise awareness of the climate change issues we are all facing. It’s made me aware of the fact that I have an impact on our next generation’s future, and that Bowfish can make a difference.

Being aware of our impact comes with the responsibility of taking action, and today Bowfish will be taking action by committing to becoming a sustainable business.

Over the next five years, I’ll be pursuing the following five goals.

1. We will stop using micro-plastics, and move to a 100% biodegradable glitter.

2. We will Limit our C02 footprint by switching to clean energy by installing solar panels.

3. We will focus on carrying sustainable brands. Ones that use recycled and repurposed materials, that stop with the unnecessary plastic packaging, and that also prioritize limiting their carbon footprint.

4. We will Become a NJ-certified sustainable business.

5. We will Support local + global climate action campaigns.

It’s scary to take this leap, but it’s my hope that everyone who has supported me in the past will support these changes now, because in the end I know they will have a positive affect on our little ones’ futures.


Caitlin Quirk