10 Years of Bowfish Kids // 2015 • year three

10 Years of Bowfish Kids // 2015 • year three

circa 2015 • year three 

In year three, Bowfish was born.  

I frequently get asked where I came up with the name. The short answer is, I didn't. The story begins with me recognizing that, by 2015, I made a horrible mistake with my business name and knowing that it needed to be changed. What is a bangle, and what does it have to do with a kid's store? Nothing! I knew it needed to go.  

I was hanging with some friends at Buffalo Billiards in Old City, agonizing over what to rename the business. All I knew is that I had four specific criteria the name needed to meet: 

  1. It had to be one or two words. 
  2. It had to be easy to say and spell. 
  3. It had to evoke a whimsical feeling. 
  4. I had to be able to acquire all the domains and social handles. 

Bonus if it could also evoke a coastal vibe. I came up with nothing. Even when someone threw out "Bowfish," I was not sold on it. But then it started to grow on me, so I left it up to fate. The first positive sign was that bowfishkids.com was available. And the name did fit the criteria: "bow" was a homage to our past; "fish" felt coastal. And, put together, it was a really fun word. Wala! A brand was born.  

That summer, we did our very first branded photoshoot with the help of my very dear friend Magi Fisher. I was sorting through those photos for this post, and I couldn't help but feel so much love and appreciation for the community that has supported this business — in its original form and in its new. So many of you have been a part of our photoshoots and events — all those adorable smiles helped market Bowfish so, so much. Getting to hang out with all of you over the years has been the key driver of my inspiration to make Bowfish a part of Ocean City's year-round community. So thank you, for making me feel at home <3