Mommy of the Month: JAIME KEENAN

Mommy of the Month: JAIME KEENAN
Local moms always have the best Ocean City kid-related tricks and secrets! For the month of December we have chosen Jaime Keenan as our featured "Mommy of the Month" to share with us her favorite Ocean City activities!

Jaime's Winter OC Secret:

When it comes to winter and you're wondering what you can do to get out of the house, my go-to is the Ocean City Community Center pool. Zion loves swimming. He’s a little fish. I hope to get Zoleil in the pool this winter as well.  The bonus with the pool, is by the time I  get home, Zion is usually toast! That’s when I can get some  alone time with Miss Zoleil!

Jaime's Favorite OC Playground:

Our favorite playground is 15th street. It’s close enough that we can walk, ride bikes, or drive Zion’s truck... yes definitely not afraid to roll up to the playground in style. It usually ends with all the kids inside the truck (Oh, and can’t forget the fighting on who’s turn it is to drive). I love watching Zion run around with his little crew, sliding down the slides, running up the slides, swinging on the swings, or playing in the sandbox that gives me such anxiety. Oh the joy of an OCD mother......

Jaime's Favorite Spot :

Our favorite activity no matter what time of year is Peace of Wood! Hands down our number one.  The owners Kristina and Marshall have become family. Nothing but love and positive vibes. Whether we are painting, jamming out on the drums, eating granola or skateboarding out front, we never leave disappointed. So if your looking for something to do, for all ages, definitely stop in and experience it for yourselves.


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