Mommy of the Month: Brittany Walker

Mommy of the Month: Brittany Walker

Brittany on life as an OC mom:

For me personally it hands down has to be the community. Having grown up in Salt Lake City you really have to make a huge effort to see your friends and family. The fact that I’m always running into the people I admire when I’m just stopping to pick up my morning coffee and I can get a quick chat in (you know the kind that feeds the soul without much effort), or when we randomly see our family out for their walks on the boardwalk. Having lived here for almost 7 years I’ve grown quite fond of the wonderful ladies and mother’s who reside in this quaint little seaside town. The ongoing support that the mom’s here have for each other is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and honestly it makes being a Mom here that much more rewarding! 

Brittany's OC Winter activities:

If there’s snow... no question it’s snowball fights. You’d assume snowman but No. Roman has consistently ran away with the Snowman’s head and a complete meltdown will ensue from Ava so we try and skip it and just go straight to the snowball fight. I mean is there anything funnier then pegging your husband or  kids with a snowball? I think not. If you want to bring a smile to someone’s face throw a snowball. 

Brittany's favorite thing about Bowfish Kids:

I would definitely say my favorite thing about Bowfish is the artisan selection of products. It’s not loaded with a bunch of plastic filler toys but really well thought out and environmentally friendly wooden and sensory items. Everything that bowfish carries is unique, well made and tasteful. It’s a kids store that my kids actually get excited about. Everything from the books, the clothes, the smelly hair ties, and of course accessories there is something there for every occasion AND every kid.

Brittany's New-Mom Product Favorites:

It’s taken me 3 kids and I think I’ve finally compiled the absolute 'Can’t Live Without' list and items that have changed the game! Zutano brand has booties that snap on, are super warm and the only things that the kids can’t kick off from NB-walking. They even stay on through the crawling stage! They also carry the “elf suit” which not only makes the babies look like the cutest little doll but they are car seat safe and ultra warm without having that bulky bodysuit problem. I also can’t live without the Freida Brand Newborn starter kit (it really IS everything you will use). If you have ever had a baby that cried and cried and wish you could ease their gas pain (or you just couldn’t figure out why they were crying) the “Windy” is going to be your best friend. These little tools have been used in European  Maternity wards and are the little secret no one told me about and I’m going to pass this onto you new Mommies (Insert Mic Drop). 



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