Mommy of the Month: MONICA RAAB DeJESUS

Mommy of the Month: MONICA RAAB DeJESUS

Local mothers are where we find our year-round support for our business as well as inspiration for all of our products that we carry. For the month of November we have chosen Monica Raab as our featured "Mommy of the Month" to share with us her favorite products as well as some tips/tricks she has learned in her first few weeks of being a new mommy :)


Monica on Bowfish Kids:

"I think I more just love the fact that we have an awesome local store to not only pick up adorable kids clothing, accessories and products, but also the perfect place to take your little ones for a fun and memorable experience! Bowfish totally embraces the small town vibe by not being just a retail store but by being a place where kids and moms alike get to feel special. It’s nearly impossible to walk inside without finding something perfect, but it’s even harder to walk out without a smile!"

Monica's Favorite Products: 

I am totally in love with anything Mud Pie! How can you not love the adorable themed outfits and cute accessories! I am a huge planner so I had mud pie outfits lined up for my little man, for every holiday long before he was even born! I also got a ton of adorable Halloween and Thanksgiving accessories from friends who know how much an over the top holiday themed outfit means to me!”

Monica's Tip to New-Mommy's to be:

My tip to myself as well as any new Mom would be, don’t set your expectations too high and remember you can’t plan everything. I envisioned myself being this Instagram perfect mom posing outside of the hospital on discharge day with my hair blown out, make up on, cruising thru the  hallways in matching outfits with my husband and our new son. Really I walked (actually was wheeled out) of the hospital in my pajamas with my hair in a 3 day old French braid still rocking maternity undies and ice packs, needless to say we didn’t capture that social media picture perfect moment I had dreamt of and planned for months, but I did realize in that moment that my days of planning and being Pinterest perfect were totally out the window and now life was about just getting out of the house in one piece. Truth is that’s totally alright by me! These days I would rather have the extra 30 minutes of cuddle time then perfect face contouring any way!

Monica & her Husbands go-to Registry add-ons:

My husband and I both have such an appreciation for the dock a tot! Let’s be honest no one wants to put their new baby down, after all those newborn snuggles are what we waited 9 months for, but believe it or not a shower and tooth brush are still on the priority list even with an infant so having a safe place to put your little one while you take that 15 minutes to yourself is an absolute life saver! I swear that thing is a miracle worker, my son,Penn, is always so content while cuddled up in the dock a tot regardless of the time of day or where we lay it and mommy and daddy are completely at ease knowing he’s safe and happy just chillin in his own little space! We also loooove our white noise machine, this is a family favorite from Penn to mommy and daddy right on down to our two wild and crazy pups, the entire family sleeps better thanks to the white noise machine! I’m a bedtime TV watcher and felt really guilty about having the tv on with an infant in the room trying to sleep and adjust to life on the outside but thanks to the white noise machine we are all sleeping soundly and having no trouble adjusting to our new life as a family!


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