March Mommy of the Month

March Mommy of the Month

Steph & her girls are total regulars around the shop and anywhere else you find them around town. Our favorite thing about this awesome momma of 3 little ladies is that she really lets each of their individual personalities shine. From prim and sparkly Charlie to hilarious and spunky Harlow these girls never leave you without a big smile on your face. We love awesome moms like Steph who truly let her girls be themselves<3 

Steph's Favorite Bowfish Brands:

My two favorite brands would have to be Mayoral & Mudpie. Mayoral is one of my favorites because they go from fancy to trendy so all fashion needs for the girls are covered (I may or may not have bought myself the ripped black sweater in an XL this winter ) My second favorite, hands down would be MudPie. From clothes, to accessories and gifts you can’t go wrong! 

Steph's on being an OC Mom:

I grew up in ocean city, so coming here as a mom now (with my kids) is so comforting and feels like “home.” I love that i know I will always see a familiar face ! 

Steph's typical rainy day:

We do rainy days old school! Pjs, popcorn and a movie with the occasional dance party! If they need to get out we can always hit up Jillys arcade for some 10 cent skeeball! 

Steph's favorite bonding activities:

I have to say my girls and I have the best bonding moments over food ! Nothing better then talking and laughing  over ice cream (for them ) coffee (for me) at one of our favorite spots Jessie’s of Linwood!

Steph's tips for new moms:

Ugh my pre mom self .. I would have to tell her to "except the unexpected "😂.  Some of my greatest times are the plans that got derailed. 


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