Eco-Friendly Children’s Brands

Eco-Friendly Children’s Brands

It’s 2020 and it’s becoming important, now more than ever, that we take care of our planet. The good news is that it’s also becoming easier to transition into more sustainable practices. BowFish is very proud to be pledging to make the transition into becoming entirely environmentally friendly, from the products sold, even down to the packaging. Here are a few amazing, eco-friendly brands that your children will love!

Bella Tunno 

Not only do we love Bella Tunno for being an eco-friendly brand, but they're products are to die for! Whether you need a bib, plates or bowls- you name it, they've got it! And the best part is how easy they are to clean- not to mention they're so cute!

Magnetic Me

These magnetic onesies, are so soft and have the most adorable patterns that you and your kids will love! 

Native Shoes 

Not only are these shoes super trendy and comfortable, but products are eco-friendly, and the brand has released “the Plant Shoe”, which is 100% biodegradable and animal cruelty free!