Family Fun in Ocean City

Family Fun in Ocean City

As we are entering July, it's time to pack your masks and bathing suits and head to the beach! Ocean City is one of the best destinations for your family vacation because there's so much to do for all ages! Keep reading to find out our favorite spots in Ocean City. 

First and foremost, the beach! The main attraction and best part of Ocean City is the beach! Whether you're going to North St. Beach, the Boardwalk beaches, or the quieter spots on the southern end, you're bound to have a day (or days) of fun! 

Downtown Ocean City

On a cloudy day, downtown Ocean City is a great place for all ages. Whether you want to walk through the farmer's market on Wednesdays, get some shopping done or take your kids to the Thursday Morning Children's fair, there is so much you can do along Asbury Ave.

Kids Activities

Of course, if you're staying in Ocean City, you have to check out the boardwalk! With endless rides, arcades and yummy treats, your kids will love Castaway Cove or Gillians. Another fun spot that your kids will love is Bowfish Kids & Bowfish Studios. Located on Asbury Avenue, the Children's Boutique not only has all of the clothes and toys that your kids could ever want, but also features a studio for your children to have the makeover that they've always dreamed of. With the option of becoming a mermaid, princess, fairy, shark and more, your kids have the chance to get the ultimate makeover. Bowfish Studios also offers private sessions and parties upon reservation. 


When you visit Ocean City, there are some amazing restaurants to stop by! One of the most famous chain restaurants along the Jersey Shore is Uncle Bills. With two locations on the island, you have no excuse not to try their pancakes! Another great spot to check out is The Varsity Inn.