Fun Gift Idea's for you Children

Fun Gift Idea's for you Children

We know how hard it can be to pick the perfect gift for your child but don't worry, we've got you covered! Keep reading to see our gift-guide-essentials!


Bows & Hair Accessories

Your daughter will LOVE our wide variety of hair bows and headbands, ranging from sizes for babies up to tweens. From glitter, to princesses, to stripes and polka dots, we've got bows in every color and pattern that you could imagine! 


Baby Shark

It's unlikely that you haven't heard your children singing the "Baby Shark" song around the house at this point. We've got all of the Baby Shark stuffed animals and books that you could imagine! 


Since it's summertime, your kids are probably spending time at the pool or the beach. It's a perfect time to gift a cute bathing suit (or maybe two!) for your little one. We've got one pieces, bikinis, swim trunks, rash guards and more!



Whether your looking for the perfect bedtime story, or a book to help your kids learn, we've got it all! 


The list doesn't stop here! Come visit the Bowfish Kids, or our website ( to see our products for yourself!