5 Things You Need to Create the Perfect At-Home Makeover!

5 Things You Need to Create the Perfect At-Home Makeover!

Just because a lot of makeover parties are being put on-hold for the time being, doesn't mean that you have to nix the idea all together! At home makeovers are such a fun activity to do with your kids and their friends, and they're super easy to do too! Keep. reading to learn about Bowfish's must have's for your at-home makeover. 


You can't have a makeover without glitter! Whether you're trying to achieve a mermaid, princess, unicorn, superstar or fair makeover, glitter is a must-have. You'll want to have makeup with glitter in it, but don't stop there! Adding glitter freckles or paint-on glitter can transform any makeover. 



Every makeover includes a fun makeup look and you can't do that without eyeshadow! From bright colors, to pastel, to glitter, you'll need a pallet that gives your little one all the tools to be creative!

Nail Polish

Your makeover isn't complete without a new manicure to match your eyeshadow! Pick out the brightest and boldest colors to take your makeover to the next level! 


BowFish Studios is now offering at-home makeover boxes that offer all of these makeover necessities and so much more in every box! Head over to Bowfishkids.com to see the selection of boxes!