July Mommy of the Month

July Mommy of the Month

Meet Ocean City local Lauren Richards!

Lauren's life as an OC Mom:

Choosing to raise my children here was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Myself and my kids have met so many wonderful people. Our entire family has established friendships that will last a lifetime. 

Lauren's summer beach mom hack:

My hack is to travel in packs! By linking up with other moms, you can double the fun for everyone. The kids get playdates with their friends, while the adults get that much-needed hangout time. As all moms know, packing for the beach, with towels, diapers, lunch, snacks, sunscreen, toys, and multiple changes of clothes, is quite a chore. But once your gang is assembled, it’s all worth it! The little ones get that valuable time to play with their best friends, and the moms get some downtime to catch up — while everyone looks out for everyone else’s kids. 

Lauren's favorite food stop:

We live right near ACME and I couldn’t ask for anything better. We are pretty much there once a day. Whether we’re missing one ingredient for dinner, or get a random craving to bake chocolate chip cookies, it’s a quick walk or a super-easy bike ride to get the job done.  

Lauren's families favorite summer activities:

Scarlett loves the rides, Piper’s into the beach, and Atley can’t stop swimming! As far as our entire family goes, ice cream is everyone’s favorite!


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