Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy 2021

Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy 2021

In search of a cute, creative way to announce your pregnancy? Look no further! Bowfish Kids is counting down our favorite ways to let your loved ones know that you are expecting.

1. Grandparent Gifts

Your parents and in-laws are likely to be the most excited to hear the news, so why not make it a celebration for them? Giving them the gift of a grandchild is truly special and they will always remember how they learned the news of your pregnancy. Bowfish Kids carries an assortment of products for adults, and that includes for the grandparents as well! Wrap up a grandparent gift and… surprise! They’ll understand upon opening it that you’re actually announcing your pregnancy. 


grandparent mugs

One of our favorite grandparent gifts are these Mud Pie mugs that say “Grandma” and “Grandpa” across the front, along with the year. So sweet, and truly memorable!

2. Big Brother or Sister T-shirt

Pregnant with your second child? Grab a camera and allow your little one to take part by dressing them up in a big sister or big brother tee! They will likely love being involved in your pregnancy announcement photoshoot, as well as learning that they are going to have a little sibling to play with. Our brand partners Mud Pie and Wee Ones have a great selection of big brother and big sister products that we carry here at Bowfish. Check out some of the proud big sister and brother merchandise we have below!


big sis

3. Rainbow Baby

Shh… it’s a secret! The rainbow theme is a great option for couples who wish to keep their baby’s gender a surprise up until he or she is born. It allows you to still tell your loved ones that you are expecting, without giving away too much detail. Further set the scene with an outdoor backdrop, natural sunlight, and… voile! You have yourself a beautiful, rainbow-themed pregnancy announcement photoshoot.


Lucky for you, Bowfish Kids offers an array of lovely rainbow products that can add to the beauty of your pregnancy announcement. Check out some of our favorite rainbow-themed items below!



4. Sports-themed: It’s a Boy!

Any big sports fans out there? If so, this one’s for you! Gather your friends and family for the game, and then let them know why they’re really there. Bowfish offers a wide selection of products that are sports-themed, including pajamas, shoes, and hats! Below is one of our favorite products—the Football with Dad book by Mud Pie.


football boy


Still a big sports fan but having a girl? No worries! We have sports-themed for your baby girl as well. Just check out this adorable football-printed sleeper by Mud Pie

football girl

5. Bow-themed: It’s a Girl!

Having a girl? This gender reveal is for you! There’s nothing more feminine than a sweet and beautiful bow… and clearly Bowfish has plenty of them! From Wee Ones to Baby Bling, our brand partners have got your back (or your head?). Set up a bow-themed party, or simply have a bow-themed photoshoot. See below for some of our most favorite products from the above-mentioned brands.




Pictured below is a super sweet milestone set from our brand partner Mud Pie! Utilize the bow as part of your pregnancy announcement, and then use the numbers to show your baby girl's milestone months after she’s born.


6. OCNJ Baby

Another great gender-neutral option, this pregnancy announcement theme allows you to rep your favorite beach town (or hometown, for many of you)! Bowfish offers exclusive OCNJ children’s merchandise that you won’t find anywhere else. Grab a photographer, some select Bowfish product, and set up on the beach for the prettiest pregnancy reveal in Ocean City! Below is one of our favorite gender-neutral OCNJ pieces.




There you have it! Our favorite and most creative ways to announce pregnancy counted down, just for our loyal Bowfish parents. Last but certainly not least… Congratulations on your pregnancy!