May Mommy of the Month

May Mommy of the Month

Jill is one of our favorite hard-working Ocean City mommas!

As part of the 4th Generation of the famous Jilly's Stores this momma and her little ladies can almost always be found enjoying our beautiful boardwalk and all the fun it has to offer! Being apart of the Jilly's family, Jill has plenty of insider information on the best way to truly enjoy life as an Ocean City local. 

Jill's life as an OC mom:

Life as an OC Mom is so special to me because it is a simpler life living here.  Having lived in North Jersey all my life (with the every day race everyone is in) you don't get to appreciate things as much.  In Ocean City it just seems easier to me.  There are less options (don't hate me for saying that), everything you need is right around the corner.  Except for target that is, lol.  I feel you connect more with the people around you and appreciate the little things a bit more!

Jill's Beach-Mom Trick:

I don't get to the beach that often so when I do, I want to carry as little as possible.  I ALWAYS get my beach chairs and umbrella from the Burt's Beach Rental's easily located right as you step foot on the sand.  The nice guys will set up everything for you.  The hardest decision is where you want to sit?!  When your done, they come and get the chairs for you...easy peasy!  Best idea ever!

Jill's Favorite Boardwalk Activities:

We practically live on the boardwalk in the summer so I would have to say Jilly's Arcade would be the spot.  Get the kids a roll of quarters and you are all set.  There are games for everyone.  My favorite game would have to be the Theatre of Magic Pin Ball Game.  It's an oldie but a goodie.  Then we end the day with some Ice Cream and you are all set!  Happy Kids!  

Levchuk Ladies Summer Favs:

My girls favorite summer activities is without a doubt going to Camp-By-the-Sea during the day and the Playland Castaway Cove Rides at night!  That is a perfect day in our house.  The girls talk about it every day.  "Mommy, when does camp start?!"  "Daddy, when are the rides open?!"  We have an office on top of Jilly's Candy Factory, so every day since they were born they were with us at work.  Once the rides would start warming up at around 12:00 they would stare out the windows and ask every other minute "can we go on the rides?"   It was hard getting any work done for sure but worth it;)  They can't wait until they are tall enough for the Double Shot! 


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