Best Backpacks for Back-to-School 2022

Best Backpacks for Back-to-School 2022

Heading into a new school year might mean it is time to buy a new backpack for your little one, and we here at Bowfish have your back! From large packs to minis, and everything in between, our selection is hard to beat.

There is a lot to consider when purchasing an item that will be used so regularly by your little one. Which brand is best? How large or small should it be? Which pockets are necessary? Do I want something eco-friendly? Does it need to be water-resistant? It can be overwhelming! Worry not—we have the perfect pack for your little one that fits all their unique needs. They will step into the new year confidently with their brand-new backpack, completely ready to conquer it!

Read on for our favorite bookbags that are sturdy, stylish, and set your little one apart from the rest of the pack!

 Kanken Blue Ridge BackpackIn search of a backpack that is mid-size, practical, and matches everything? The Fjallraven Kanken Blue Ridge Backpack is exactly what you are looking for! It comes in a beautiful blue hue and features a large main compartment, which is great for storing binders, textbooks, notebooks, and a lunch bag. Made from a water-resistant fabric, this bag stays dry through those rainy mornings spent waiting at the bus stop. With plenty of side pockets and a convenient front pocket, the Kanken Blue Ridge Backpack is just as functional as it is stylish.

Love the Fjallraven Kanken, but not super fond of the Blue Ridge color? No worries—we also carry this everyday pack in a beautiful Forest Green and Peach combo!

 Kanken Forest Green And Peach Backpack

Regardless of the color, these cool backpacks are sure to meet all your child’s needs.

Kanken Warm Yellow Mini Backpack

Looking for something a bit smaller for a younger child? You are in luck! We also have the Fjallraven Kanken Mini in a mustard hue. It has all the great features from the previously mentioned backpack, just in a smaller size. Store your child’s schoolbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, and lunch in this adorable pack. The warm yellow color pops and makes it easier to find your little one in a sea of children when picking them up from school at the end of the day.

 Re-Kanken Un Blue Mini BackpackMaybe you love the brand Fjallraven, but also want something eco-friendly. We have that here at Bowfish, too! The Re-Kanken Un Blue Mini Backpack is made of Spindye recycled polyester. What does that mean? This backpack is made from recycled water bottles! Opt for the sustainable pack while prepping your little one for the upcoming school year. It comes in a bright blue hue and features pockets galore. Buying something new has never felt less guilty! Help your little one and help the planet, all at once.

 Heritage Ash Rose Polka Dot Backpack (Toddler + Little Girl)

If the brand Fjallraven is not quite your style, we carry some cute Herschel bookbags as well. The Heritage Ash Rose Polka Dot Backpack is the perfect size for your little girl, featuring a spacious main compartment and wide front pocket with zipper closure. The classic polka dots and rosy accents make it a more sophisticated, yet sweet option for your child. Adjustable straps and an optional fastening across the chest help to add functionality to this lovely Herschel pack.

Heritage Kids Sunset Daisy Backpack (Toddler + Little Girl)

 Are florals more for your girl? We have that option as well! The Heritage Kids Sunset Daisy Backpack by Herschel features the same roomy main compartment and front pocket with zipper closure. A beautiful sunset floral print adorns the outside of this pack, making it standout against all the rest of the bookbags. Reminiscent of the setting summer sun, your little one can take the memories of the warmer weather with them into their new school year with this printed bag.

From mini backpacks to big backpacks, from solids to prints, Bowfish has it all! We carry only the sturdiest, best bookbags to ensure your little one has the best school year yet. Be on the lookout for new incoming Fjallraven styles, coming soon to Bowfish Kids.

Beyond backpacks, we also carry an array of other back-to-school supplies. One of our new favorite brands, Onyx + Green, is dedicated to creating beautiful, eco-friendly, and well-priced products. Their passion for honesty, creativity, and consistency shows in their unique selection. Read on to hear more about some of the great Onyx + Green back-to-school supplies that we carry here at Bowfish!

Mauve Sugar Cane Composition BookTheir beautiful Sugar Cane Composition Books are a must-have this fall! Each featuring a majestic galaxy print, these notebooks come in both a dreamy mauve hue and oceanic turquoise. Purchase one for every subject! They are proudly organic and plastic-free, made from recycled sugar cane fibers. Sustainable school year, here we come!

Recycled Colored Pencils

Art class, anyone? Your little one is sure to love these ultra-cool Recycled Colored Pencils by Onyx + Green! Made from recycled newspaper, this 12-piece pencil set is also proudly labeled organic and plastic-free. Pack them in your child’s bookbag or leave them at home for take-home class projects.

Recycled Rubber Erasers

Erase the idea of not being able to find eco-friendly, back-to-school products! This Onyx + Green recycled eraser pack features three sets of erasers, all made from recycled rubber. In fact, even the packaging is made from recycled materials! That is a win-win. Store them in the front pocket of your little one’s new backpack to keep them handy.

Recycled Highlighter 4Pack

Finally, to help brighten your little one’s new school year, this Onyx + Green recycled highlighter set is essential for making note of the important things to remember. It includes four separate highlighters in neon yellow, pink, green, and blue colors. Plastic-free and organic? We will take ‘em!

These eco-friendly essentials are great backpack stuffers, sure to help your child ease into the school year and out of sweet summertime. Follow the links throughout, or head into our store to prep your little one for the start of this fresh year.

We here at Bowfish wish your child a wonderful beginning to this new chapter!