The Best Baby Shower Gifts 2021

The Best Baby Shower Gifts 2021

In a baby shower bind? Have no fear—Bowfish Kids is here to help you find the best and most unique baby shower gifts that moms-to-be are guaranteed to love! We’re counting down our favorite products—found right here on the site—that will make fantastic, functional baby shower gifts. From diaper bags to teething toys and baby wash clothes to bibs, we’ve got all the sustainable essentials!

1. Gunamuna Swaddle Bag

We’re kicking off the countdown with our top favorite item—the Gunamuna Swaddle Bag! It’s made of a super soft bamboo viscose fabric that baby can easily cozy up in. Not only is it good for mom and baby, but it’s also better for the planet, having been made from sustainable sourced materials. It comes in the above muted floral print, as well as a gender-neutral heather grey.

2. Miniland Chip Brush Pack

This ultra-soothing brush pack by Miniland is super cute, useful, and sustainable. It is made of natural materials, from the wood to the bristles. In fact, even the packaging is eco-friendly, being 100% plastic-free! The brushes are also anti-static and help to promote hair growth in little ones. It serves as a perfectly unique and sustainable gift that others are unlikely to think of.

3. Organic Bamboo Wash Cloths by Rainbow Waters

These organic bamboo wash cloths by Rainbow Waters are everything! Not only is Rainbow Waters a minority-owned company, but they are also eco-friendly, organic, and plastic-free. These wash cloths are super soft for babies and come in a variety of colors—all dyed in-house and made in the USA! Mom is guaranteed to love this sustainable option.

4. Mason Bottle


The Mason Bottle is an innovative glass baby bottle design taking the world by storm! The above Mason Bottle kit comes in two sizes (4 oz. and 8 oz.) and includes one 2pk of silicone bottle nipples, one silicone sleeve, and one plastic cap—all mom needs are the mason jars! The Mason Bottle is a safer alternative to the average baby bottle, as none of its parts come into contact with any plastic components during the manufacturing process. This glass baby bottle is also easy to clean and affordable. Lastly, not only is it good for mother and baby alike, it is also good for the planet. By reusing jars we already have in our homes, we’re eliminating the waste that would come with creating a brand-new baby bottle.

5. Silicone Baby Bibs and Silicone Teething Toys by Bella Tunno

The mom-to-be will love you for this one! Bella Tunno creates unique and captivating products that are super functional and easy to clean. Their bibs come in a variety of colors and feature empowering phrases, such as the above pictured of the World Changer Wonder Bib. Not only are their silicone bibs adorable, but they are waterproof and feature a front pocket that is there to catch anything baby drops! Give the gift of mess-free with these fun bibs by Bella Tunno.

Another great baby shower must-have by Bella Tunno! Their silicone baby teether is super cute and designed with purpose. Bella Tunno ensures their teethers are small-grip friendly, making it easy for baby to hold onto the silicone beads. They are also waterproof, dishwasher safe, and can be easily wiped clean. Once baby starts teething…mom will thank you! They provide a soothing sensation due to their well-thought-out design, giving just the right amount of resistance to both sore gums and developing teeth.

6. The Herschel Diaper Bag

Herschel is a Vancouver-based accessories brand that has been trusted by many since their inception in 2009. They offer a vast majority of products, such as backpacks, totes, and lunch boxes. Pictured above is our favorite item of theirs; the Ash Rose Sprout Strand Diaper Bag. It makes the perfect gift for the mother of a baby girl. However, it’s also offered in a black hue for a super cool and sophisticated look, guaranteed to match anything. This diaper bag is also extremely easy to clean and can be worn in several different ways. The best part? It comes with a convenient foldable changing mat for on-the-go diaper changes.

7. Bunny Rabbit Plush by Jellycat

Blossom Bunny Jellycat

Baby is sure to adore a sweet little critter companion by Jellycat! Jellycat has been known for their super soft plushies since the brand was founded in 1999. They offer plush toys for a variety of ages, and their signature bunny rabbit comes in a multitude of colors and prints. Allow this Jellycat plush to serve as the perfect baby shower gift!

8. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book, by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault

This sweet story aims to help little ones learn the alphabet! It is a bestselling children’s book based around the letters of the alphabet racing to the top of a coconut tree. It has been cherished by children and parents alike, as it adds an element of fun to storytelling and learning the alphabet. Baby will also love the fun illustrations by Lois Ehlert. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, as with many other baby books, is an educational and thoughtful gift, guaranteed to be appreciated by the recipient.

9. Baby Milestone Blanket by Mary Meyer Corporation

The mom-to-be will love a milestone baby blanket to capture her little one growing. She can track her baby’s milestones, while also having fun with a sweet mini photoshoot. This will be the one upside to watching her baby get older! The use of a milestone baby blanket also means showing off the growth of her little one to family and friends, helping to keep loved ones in the loop about how big baby is getting. The above “Dream Come True” blanket by Mary Meyer Corporation features a muslin baby blanket and all of the different milestones printed onto cards. Search ‘baby milestone blanket’ on our website to see other milestone baby blanket options!

10. Baby Clothes by Magnetic Me

You can’t go wrong with the gift of baby clothes at a baby shower, and you especially can’t go wrong with Magnetic Me! Magnetic Me is an eco-friendly children’s wear brand dedicated to creating innovative, yet comfy clothing. Babies love sleeping in their signature Magnetic Me footies, and parents are able to change their little ones easily with the magnetic closure at the front. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on one of their fab pieces ASAP!

There you have it! Your potential baby shower gifts are all readily available on our website. They are sure to be loved and appreciated by the recipient.