The Bowfish Story

The Bowfish Kids Story

The Beginning

Bowfish Kids was born in 2013 when our founder, Caitlin Quirk, saw a space in the Ocean City, NJ community for a children’s boutique. With a background in fashion design, a love for children’s clothes, and a heart for community connection, Caitlin named the store Bangles N’ Bows and opened the first storefront on the boardwalk. We slowly outgrew the name and location, and eventually became Bowfish Kids, located "in the heart of the downtown", on Asbury Avenue.

It's all About the Families

A brick and mortar storefront has been important to us since the beginning, allowing us to get to know our customers and engage with the community. From interactive events through Bowfish Studios to personalized style tips, we love meeting and interacting with the people shopping at our store. We also see it as an opportunity to create an engaging storefront – a meeting place where kids can experience the delight of discovery and where adults can find the perfect, sustainable gift for the little one(s) in their lives.

The Bowfish Community

When it comes to online shopping, we aim to provide the same level of personalized touch that we offer in our storefront. Book a shopping appointment via Facetime or receive a hand-selected mystery box based on a fun style quiz that you can take on our site. Search through your favorite brands, or be inspired by the collections and gift guides we have built for every occasion. However you like to shop, we are delighted for you to be a part of the Bowfish Community.

Meet the Team

Our Style Team – aka the Bowfish Family – is here to provide you with a fun, personalized shopping experience!


8 years with Bowfish Kids
"Working in the store, getting to know so many of our customers, and having the privilege of watching their families grow is honestly my most favorite part about owning Bowfish. It’s such a joy to see new parents and grandparents come into the store. It’s so meaningful to know that they’ve come to us to buy something for such an important moment in their lives. "


7 years with Bowfish Kids
"Over the years I have developed relationships with many of our customers. From the first time meeting them when they are expecting, to following their little ones and watching them grow. I enjoy helping them shop for their little one(s) and get the perfect gift!"


5 year with Bowfish Kids
"My six grandchildren are all very different shapes, sizes, and personalities. I personally shop here frequently...a bit too much. Buying for them makes me very comfortable directing customers to the best brands, styles, and sizes for their diverse needs."


1 year with Bowfish Kids
"My two daughters are constantly growing and each have their own style. I love to see what they pick out themselves and gravitate towards in the store. Plus, they choose gifts for their friends which is a huge help for me making suggestions when customers come in looking for gift ideas."


2 years with Bowfish Kids
"My favorite department is Tweens. Since I am 19 years old, I definitely relate to the older girls who shop in Bowfish Kids. My goal is to help every tween girl feel confident in her outfit and discover her personal style."
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