Sustainability Timeline

Our Sustainability Timeline

Back in September of 2019, we launched sustainability goals for our business. (click here to see our goals)
Below is our current status updates for each of the five goals we've set for ourselves.

Completed: 4/22/2021

After 3 years of working with vendors, doing the research, and implementing the findings, we are proud to say that this goal has been completed! You can read more about what Biodegradable Glitter is HERE:


One of the first steps in completing this goal is to remove the natural gas line to our property so that our energy source is solely electric. This year we made some strides in completing that task by removing 10 radiators and replacing them with a centralized heating and air system. We have four radiators left that will be updated with an electric boiler, which will allow us to remove our gas line from our property. Estimated completion date of gas line removal, October 2022.

In Progress:

Each year we will continue to replace non-sustainably focused brands with those that are. Our goal is to get to 100% sustainable brands by 2023.

March 2020:
148 Brands

March 2021:
141 Brands
Cut 13 Non-Sustainable
Added 20 Sustainable
52 Total Sustainable Brands

February 2022:
108 Brands
Cut 34 Non-Sustainable
Added 12 Sustainable
62 Total Sustainable Brands

March 2023:
131 Brands
Cut 9 Non-Sustainable
Added 22 Sustainable
107 Total Sustainable Brands (82%!)

In Progress:

As we work to make these changes, becoming a certified sustainable business will most likely be the last thing that we accomplish, as it will be the cumulation of what we've been working to achieve. Estimated completion date, September 2024.

In Progress:

This is a continuous and ever-growing goal we've set for ourselves. Since launching our sustainability goals, we've supported and have hosted a #FridaysForFuture event, implemented a carbon offset option at checkout, and have started an Environmental Club in our town. Recently, we launched the Bowfish Community Compost and plan on educating our customers about how to limit waste production by being more conscious consumers.

Our Values

As you browse our website, you'll start to notice these icons on various products.
These are the values look for when curating products for you, and here's what they mean:

Made in America

This means that the brand produces its products right here in the USA. Buying products made domestically is great because it means that their production cycle leaves a smaller carbon footprint. The more local you buy, the smaller the footprint.


This means that the product is made with over 75% recycled or sustainable materials, the brand has a carbon off-set program, or they are plastic-free, that includes shipping and packaging.


This means that the product is certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Being GOTS certified means that the product is produced by harvesting raw materials and is manufactured in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

Gives Back

This means that the brand has some type of giveback program. Giveback programs vary from a wide range of causes, industries, and organizations. To learn more about what each brand is giving back to, check out the brand page for more information!

Women Owned

This means the brand is at least 50% Female owned. In the next few weeks, we will be changing this to Minority Owned, to include and highlight POC and will be updating it with a new new icon.
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