Environmental Club


We’re on a mission to make our environment cleaner and healthier for everyone.

We challenge our club members to pick up all the trash and litter that they come across during their daily routines. If a member wants to “adopt a street” or organize larger collection initiatives, such as a beach clean up day, that’s encouraged, too!

Once a week, members drop off their bags of trash – big or small, every piece matters – to be weighed and responsibly disposed of.

Bowfish Kids

Trash Disposal

We invite all members to drop off trash collections every Monday from 3-6pm at the Bowfish Kids store located at 956 Asbury Ave, Ocean City, NJ. Waste will be weighed and properly disposed of by the Bowfish Kids team. We even have monthly prizes for our top trash collectors!

Bowfish Kids


What are some of your ideas about how we can better the Earth? We center each month’s meeting around a different, environmentally-related discussion topic based on your suggestions, and we’ll make plans for future Bowfish Environmental Club activities and initiatives based on these conversations. Dates, times, and locations to be announced – join the club to be the first to hear!

Bowfish Kids


Every meeting our discussion topic will
cover a different problem that's affecting
our environment! That includes single-use waste,
flooding, or another issue suggested by you!

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