Sustainable Sippy + Training Cups

White 10 oz. Drinking Cup
White 10 oz. Drinking Cup by Re-Play
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Aqua 10 oz. Drinking Cup
This bright blue drinking cup comes from the brand Re-Play and is proudly made in the US! It's also kid-friendly and capably of holding 10 oz. of liquid.
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8 oz. Mason Jar
Can it! This classic eight-ounce mason jar is perfect for all types of canning, such as waterbath, hot fill, and pressure. Additionally, they can also be used for freezing.  Details: Glass 2 Piece Lid Eco-Friendly Packaging: Plastic Free Packaging Made...
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8 oz. Mason Jars (4 pack)
These 8 oz mason jars make the best glass baby bottles because they are versatile, chemical-free, and easy to clean. Reuse these jars for breastmilk storage, baby food, and many other things for years to come. Glass Set of 4...
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Silicone Sippy Straw Top (2 pack)
Add these silicone sippy straw tops to any Mason Bottle or regular-mouth mason jar. These tops are perfect for transitioning your baby into using a sippy cup, and then eventually a straw cup. Details: Silicone 2 Silicone Sippy Tops, 2...
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Silicone Mason Jar Sleeve
Silicone Mason Jar Sleeve by Mason Bottle
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