Our Back-to-School Guide

Our Back-to-School Guide

By now, we're guess both you and your kids are excited that school's right around the corner- even if it's only part time. Everyone love back-to-school shopping, and this year is no different. There will be some changes made both in and out of of the classroom but don't worry because Bowfish has put together the ultimate back-to-school list for this year!

 1. Blue Light Glasses

Since it's likely that your kids will be doing a majority of their school work from their computer screens, blue light glasses are a must-have. The nature of these lenses is to combat the led light from the screen, protect your eyes from straining. With many schools going virtual, you'll want to buy these for your kids

2. Masks

There's no doubt that masks will be around for the foreseeable future, and that includes in the classroom! We've got masks for adults, children and young babies in a variety of patterns. 

3. Hair Accessories

Just because school won't be fully in person, doesn't mean your kids have to dull their sparkle! Your kids can still dress to impress on their first day of school with our fun bows! From princess designs, to sparkles and everything in between, we've got plenty of bows to choose from! We also sell patterned headbands with places to hook your mask to, for your older kids

4. Shoes

What better way to strut in style for the first day of school than with a new pair of shoes! Shop our customer-favorite Native selection, as well as other adorable styles for this up coming fall.