Send a Ry Bandz Headband To a Healthcare Hero!


INSTOCK SAME DAY Shipping available 🙌🏻!

(Must order before 12:00pm, or will ship the following day) 

With so many of our healthcare workers and citizens stepping up these days, we want to help in any way we can.

So we’ve teamed up with a group of women who are out of work due to the COVID-19 health crisis to create these facemask-supporting RY-Bandz headbands.

15% of each sale goes to supporting these women, and you’re helping to make a healthcare worker’s day a little more comfortable.


  • Random Color RY-Bandz Headband
  • Two Sewn-on Buttons
  • A personalized note of appreciation signed from you!


Buy for a healthcare hero in my life:  

  • Purchase a headband for the healthcare hero or heroes in your life, write them a personalized note of gratitude (like an oldschool candygram!), provide their shipping address, and we’ll send it directly to them.

Donate to a random healthcare hero:

  • Simply donate to cover the costs for refunding our healthcare heroes who purchase headbands.