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Victor Ko


7 Years Experience

Current Schedule:
Monday-Wednesday 10am-4pm
K.a Joben


5 Years Experience

Current Schedule:
Thursday-Friday 10am-4pm
Richard Bauer


1 Year Experience

Current Schedule:
Saturdays 10am-4pm
Richard Bauer


2 Year Experience

Current Schedule:
Monday-Saturday 4pm-6pm
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About Suzanne

• 7 Years experience with Bowfish Kids
• 2 Daughters + 1 Grand daugther

"Over the years I have developed relationships with many of our customers. From the first time meeting them when they are expecting, to meeting their new little ones and watching them grow. I enjoy helping them shop for the perfect gift for their littles. It’s especially fun hearing the little voices of our littlest customers as they chatter, play and shop with their parents and grandparents!"

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About Jill

• 5 Years experience with Bowfish Kids
• 2 Daughters + 1 Granddaugther

"I am the lucky Grandma to 6 precious grandchildren who are all very different shapes and sizes and personalities. I’m not embarrassed to say that I personally (and frequently!) shop in every department for my grandkids so I feel very comfortable directing customers to brand, styles, and correct sizes for their purchases."

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About Heather

• 1 Year experience with Bowfish Kids
• 2 Daughters (Ages 5 & 6)

"I'm a mother of two girls who are constantly growing and need to buy for through the seasons. They each have their own style, and it is helpful for me to see what they pick out and gravitate towards in the store. Plus, they can help choose gifts for their friends since they know exactly what they’ll like and that helps me when customers come in looking for gift ideas."

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About Anna

• 2 Years experience with Bowfish Kids
• Large extended family full of nieces and nephews

"My favorite department to help out with and browse through is the tweens. Since I am only 19 years old, I definitely relate to the older girls who shop in our store. It's always so exciting when a girl feels confident in an outfit I helped pick out!"

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